If co-sleeping is desired:
a Thermocombi, Duvet with bottom sheet and Bottom cover.



Thermocombi 2023

A double sleeping system consisting of:

- a single down sleeping bag (not a mummy model)

- a bottom sheet into which two sleeping mats are placed.

Sleeping bag and bottom sheet are connected with zippers.

Compact, lightweight and of course very cozy.


Suitable for (almost) all sleeping mats.
The bottom sheet is washable.


- a rim for extra warmth

- a zip-in sheet

- a fixed top sheet.

"Thank you very much for the delivery of the combination sleeping bag. We have now slept in it for 4-5 weeks with so much pleasure!!! Wonderfully warm, light and easy to pack, really great!!

Thermocombi - specifications and prices
product weight price
Thermocombi  700 gr € 210,-
Extra edges 1260 gr € 222,-
Zip-in sheet 75 - 145 gr/m2 €  79,-
Fixed top sheet 75 - 145 gr/m2 €  62,-
New bottom sheet 75 - 145 gr/m2 €  69,-


Duvet with bottom sheet


Have you thought about a double duvet with a bottom sheet for the mattresses?
Everything is possible at Tatteljee.
See here for more details.


Bottom deck


Zipping two sleeping bags together is also an option.
It is then better to have a synthetic sleeping bag at the bottom:
synthetic material insulates better than down when compressed.

Washable, not refillable and slightly heavier than a down sleeping bag.
Customized based on the existing sleeping bag and the travel purpose.
The sleeping bag can serve as an extra layer in cold weather.

Bottom deck per m2          € 99,-
Extra LiteLoft per m2       € 31,-