Luxury sleeping

dekbedGreat luxury is also possible. Sleeping under a Duvet is something campers don't usually think about, but a possibility to consider.
If you have a car with enough space to carry a duvet, for example, of 2,4 x 2,4 meters, you can lie princely together under a large blanket, without the restrictions of zippers. You can also wrap the duvet around you if it is large enough. And of course, you can use the duvet at home.

In principle, the duvet is made of cotton and is available in two down qualities: 90% goose down and 100% goose down.

temp 90% down 100% down 90% down per m2 100% down per m2
+ 5oC 140 gr/m2 120 gr/m2 € 90,75 € 112,80
   0oC 170 gr/m2 145 gr/m2 € 96,35 € 123,65
- 5oC 200 gr/m2 170 gr/m2 € 103,50 € 133,85
-10oC 235 gr/m2 200 gr/m2 € 111,85 € 146,35


Empty tick per m2 € 55,-
Transfer used down € 35,-

In addition to the duvet, Tatteljee can also provide customized duvet covers. For cover material, you can go to Capsicum, in Amsterdam. This company supplies, amongst other things, batik; which is very suitable for making duvet covers.

"We slept well. Very satisfied, thanks for that.
Also for the recognizable careful details and finish."