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Tipi'cal Tatteljee

Originally, tipi's were used by various nomadic tribes, and were made of animal skin. These days, the tipi is also popular in the world of (lightweight) camping.

The advantage of a tipi is that you have relatively much room and height for the weight. The disadvantage is that the doorway is not protected in rain or sun. That is why an awning cannot be a superfluos luxury.

Tatteljee is the official Tentipi repairer of warranty cases, and it's awning maker.
In addition to awnings, we also make custom ground sheets, custom inner tents and all kinds of adjustments to existing tipi's.

Repairs on all kind of tipi's are possible.
As with all tents, the zipper can break, tear the tent cloth and the stitching loose. Damage may also occur to the unique cam sticks for Tentipi. tatteljee has developed a way to not only repair the cam sticks, but also to strengthen them.

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Below are the most common repairs with a price indication:

replace slider


€ 25,-


replace zipper


€ 135,-

rits tipi

Apply a velcro strip due to awning

€ 30,-

strook kband luifel

Replace cam sticks, 8 pieces


€ 79,-

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Extra ventilation opening
tent extra ventilatieA customer needed more ventilation inside the tent. Ventilation openings in the inner tent were fitted with mosquito netting.

extra ventilatie2


Dark inside the tent? Roof windows are the solution.

roof windows insideroof window out